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The Ultimate Games Master UGM
The complete Role Playing, Table Top and Larp companion app for Games Masters on all platforms.

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Nonagon Three brings YOU

– the dice rolling, monster slaying, treasure looting adventurers –

UGM, a suite of easy to use, fully compatible, time saving, epic sounding experience enhancing tools in one CRITICAL hitting app!

A left hand Dwarven Pillar created by our art director.


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A right hand Dwarven Pillar created by our art director.
The UGM App

For Players

  • Offline Play
  • Character Builder
  • Interactive Character Sheets
  • Compendium Viewer
  • Rules Reference Viewer
  • Link to GM’s Campaign Player
  • Dice Roller
  • Device Sync (Sync all your devices)
  • GM Sync (Sync with your Games Master)

For Games Masters

  • Run Campaign Mode
  • Spectator Mode
  • Campaign Builder
  • Treasure Builder
  • Monster Builder
  • Encounter Builder
  • NPC Builder
  • Compendium Editor
  • Rules Reference Editor
  • Device Sync (Sync all your devices)
  • Player Sync (Sync with your players)

For Spectators

  • Track and watch game/player statistics
  • Map overview
  • Great for live steams and casts.

Customisable Game Sets

  • Open Gaming License
  • SRD 5.1
  • Write you own rules

Full Offline Play

  • No internet needed for play
  • Use GM Sync just over an offline Local Network


  • Author on Desktop
  • Play on Tablet / Mobile
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux (Coming Soon)
How to Subscribe

We’ve got an amazing and dedicated development, art and media team that work incredibly hard to create The Ultimate Games Master UGM app. Your subscriptions will help us keep the ball moving forward on development. We’ll use your subscriptions to focus on developing new exciting features we all want to see and to add to the beautiful artwork and visuals. More contributions mean more features and much higher production values!

Subscriptions will be available upon launch and will be very affordable


I met the developers at UK Games Expo this year and they were top guys showing off even better tech. Now that I know I will soon be able to use their app to plan campaigns of my own, I am finally over my fear of attempting to DM. With such rich visuals available through this interface to help me design and illustrate my first city and beyond, I can’t wait for its release so I can start preparing.

Jon BryantEarth to Games

UGM makes our role playing evenings so much more fluid and less about looking through books and firing off things in different apps.  This has revolutionized our RP experience and we can’t wait to get hold of the Interactive Map module.

The Lucky FewUGM Play Test Group

UGM is simply amazing.

Jim HogbandUGM Play Tester
The Nonagon Three N3 Logo.

Individually they are

Justin (SketchWork) Heasman
Peter (The Orcman) Davey
Stuart (El Kestro) Davey

Together they make up the rather awesome
Nonagon Three

Nonagon Three is based in Cornwall, South West of England, created by three like minded and not entirely dubious individuals.  The skilled team is made up of people throughout the globe who have an unequivocal passion for all things gaming.

Our first game “Covenant of the Stars” is a story driven space based game and will be exploding onto multiple platforms in 2017.


Ships Built


Structures Located


Planets Discovered


New Races Found


Planets Cured

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