In Depth with UGM

Welcome Traveller! Rest a while and let us take a look at The Ultimate Games Master and all those features in more detail. It’s time to go In Depth with UGM

UGM Table Top Render (Drop Shadow)

The Roleplaying Companion App

RPG Goodness on any platform

Born of the frustration of a Games Master who just couldn’t find what he needed to let him organise his adventure and bring it to life in a way that didn’t distract from the story telling, a Games Master who also just happens to be a Software Developer, The Ultimate Games Master or UGM for short, started life as a little app with some tools to make his life behind his GM’s Screen a little easier.

Jump forward some months of playing, testing, building and creating and what we have is a feature rich, platform independent RPG Companion App, that lightens the GM’s load whilst at the same time employing tech to really bring the adventure to life.