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After fighting for about 4 hours in our TTRPG, our characters are wrecked. What's your longest in-game fight? How did it go? Did you all survive?
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Lead artist sent us this image and was really excited, Does any one know what it is?
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@TheUltimateGM Hi there!
We're Arkenforge - Mapmaking and VTT software team from Australia.
We just launched a sale on our Magical Effects asset pack!
It's down 25% to $7.50 for a limited time!

Hey Peeps. I want to try something new with #selfpromosaturday link an artist, writer or creator that deserves some love and attention.
Please add a small blurb about why! Lets see how far we can go with this

Join the Band live NOW as our new horror campaign begins; PATHFINDER: MALEVOLENCE by @paizo Are you brave enough?

with guests, live chat & giveaways!
9pm GMT | 4pm ET | 1pm PT

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@TheUltimateGM Thanks for the space, UGM. I'd like to tag in @AlexNWinterland - a fantastic member of the community.

23 products on DMs Guild, with more to come soon. I'm currently working on "Silver Moon Rising". How is your day going?

Let's begin.

>8 scenarios (3 silver, 2 copper)
>1 encounter book (copper)
>4 map-packs (3 silver)
>2 unique backgrounds
>8 sub-classes

Or search any title in the promo (can you spot the change in the video this week?).

Check this out people!

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