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Morning #ttrpgfamily! I'm still very burnt out from social media but I am interested in seeing your #selfpromosaturday promos. Drop them below 👇 Like and retweet if you want. Interact with others as much as you feel comfortable with. Don't feel pressured to lurk the thread 💜

It #selfpromosaturday and you know what that means!

Feel free to use this space to signal-boost whatever you need promoting: indie, homebrew, art, anything remotely #ttrpg-adjacent. Charities also welcome.

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Hey #selfpromosaturday crew! We do intersectional interviews to explore every side of TTRPGs building a global narrative, rather than a north-american centric one. Today we launch a new video

Our newest #ActualPlay #dnd series, Steam City, is on episode 3, so it’s a great time to jump on board. We’ve got a great cast and all our shows are edited with music and effects. #podcasts #selfpromosaturday

Late to the game, but it is #selfpromosaturday! Fellow #gamers, #streamers, #podcasts, and other #ttrpgfamily share your stuff and get found!

Also, check out our plug below please 😁

@DesisNDragons @Heimdayl Hello! Nice to meet you!

I'm Aely, I'm an artist, writer and sometimes actress/voiceover artist. I create fantasy and sci-fi themed art, fiction and graphics, as well as business-related content and reviews.

Some examples below... I hope you like... them, and have a wonderful day!

We’re Desis & Dragons, a group of Indian #TTRPG nerds with a pulp-fictiony Eberron AP called #TheBroken12 on YouTube and an amazing Discord community. We also interview amazing people like Satine Phoenix and Anjali Bhimani on our channel!

Links below! #selfpromosaturday ...

HELLO NEW FRIENDS! What does @DesisNDragons do?

✨ Weekly #Eberron livestream featuring an all-brown cast
✨ Interviews with amazing #TTRPGcreators
✨ Discord server to run games for people

Join our adventure!

#ttrpgrising #ttrpgfamily #ttrpgsolidarity

Happy #SelfPromoSaturday, #TTRPG friends! You know the drill. Let’s go.

✨ Share your work
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✨ RT thread for visibility
🚫 Link drop & run

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Today's the last day of my marathon busy week. I'll soon have time to see what you've been up too.

🦖 So got anything you'd like to show off for #selfpromosaturday?

🦖 I'll check your stuff out as I get a spare moment.

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